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Basics of Persuasive Communication is a one-day introductory course that has been designed to enable the participants to overcome the hurdles in their path to success. Spread over eight-hours, this experiential workshop works wonders to boost confidence, remove stage fear, improve memory, and enable effective communication.

Like most NSPCW workshops, the Basics of Persuasive Communication combines unique insights in diverse, but related fields of People Behaviour, NLP, Body Language, Hypnotism, Persuasion, and Public Speaking. It leverages on these skills to deliver highly-effective and easy-to-use tools for specific corporate and life needs. 

These workshops have each been diligently crafted and designed by the internationally-acclaimed entertainer and communication scientist Nakul Shenoy. This is a unique opportunity for people to learn and develop powerful persuasive abilities that are seen only in the hands of a few world-class speakers and entertainers.


Nakul Shenoy
info (at) nakulshenoy (dot) com


Monarch Luxor Hotel
67, Infantry Road,
Tasker Town, Sampangi Rama Nagar,
Bangalore, Karnataka